Our Story & Series

Proudly Made in Barbados

Old Duppy Pepper Sauces rose out of our passion to explore the bounty of flavours Barbados, and the wider Caribbean, has to offer through the most common condiment found in the region; pepper sauce. We seek to break free from tradition through incorporating as many varieties of local produce as possible into our sauces while enhancing them with real wood smoke to produce an experience like no other. Working with local farmers and producers, our sauces bring a unique twist on familiar tastes while staying true to our mission; buy local, bring the heat, haunt them with flavour.

Seasonals and Shadow series

Not to be confined to a limited selection of sauces, our Shadow Series and Seasonals allow us to explore and create on an even smaller batch scale. This keeps the excitement alive and who knows, one day these very sauces may become part of the permanent line-up.

Current Seasonal Sauce

Mango Fever

Fresh rip mangoes infused with ginger, rosemary and yellow Jamaican Scotch Bonnets. Not one to be missed! Perfect on white meats, making dips with cream cheese or refreshing your age old curry recipe. 

Available July, 2020

past series


Available every December

Chili Avocado

Available every October