smoked to perfection

Using real wood smoke we are able to infuse each of our sauces with their signature smoky undertone.

only the freshest

Whole pineapples, dedicated pepper farms, organic herbs. These are just some of the ways we are able to maintain the highest quality products. Not to mention no added preservatives, sugars, nor artificial binding agents.

small batch

Our custom built kitchen ensures we have everything we need to ensure each batch is carefully crafted and bottled to perfection. 


Our wide range of flavours and heat levels are sure to please any palate.

From mild Jalapenos, to scorching hot Carolina Reapers, the wide range of peppers we use allows us to combine unique complementary ingredients to ensure that all of our sauces not only bring the heat and are packed with flavour and complexity. Not to mention, adding real wood smoke to the process takes Old Duppy sauces to another level.

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